Metal/Djent band

Kadinja (ex-Perspectives) is a Parisian djent group composed of: Philippe Charny Dewandre (vocals), Pierre Danel (guitar), Quentin Godet (guitar), Steve Tréguier (bass) and Morgan Berthet (drums).

Kadinja released their first EP at the end of 2013. The group then joined Klonosphere for the release of their first album.



Pierre Danel is a professional guitarist trained at the American School of Modern Music.
He is one of the founding members of the band “Kadinja” and has worked in the studio with many artists, also as a producer and guitar teacher.
He is in charge of the Djent, metal and fusion sections of Guitar Xtreme magazine.


Quentin Godet is a guitarist who studied at the American School Of Modern Music. He joined the Metal group Kadinja in 2013 when he was only 16 years old.

In addition to these activities as a guitar teacher, he also hosts the “Groove Music” section for Guitar Xtreme magazine, offering analyzes and playing exercises in the styles of Snarky Puppy, Bruno Mars, and many others. Quentin has also collaborated with different French Metal groups like Zuul FX or TANK, but also with artists from the Pop scene like Axel Bauer.

He also provides masterclasses in music schools and at various events.


Other Members