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The Music School in Paris for Jazz and Contemporary Music


As a Parisian institution for over 40 years, the American School of Modern Music is a high-level music school in Paris that meets the demands of the current musical industry.

It educates professionals in all aspects of the music industry (instrumentalists, composers, arrangers, performers, sound engineers, producers, etc.) drawing inspiration from the working methods and study programs of the best American universities.

Its unparalleled pedagogical team in France is composed of internationally acclaimed artists in the music world, with numerous distinctions such as Grammy Awards, Victoires de la Musique, Knight of Arts and Letters, degrees from top American universities, making the American School one of the best music education institutions in Europe.

The American School of Modern Music is a certified professional training organization and a member of FNEIJMA (National Federation of Jazz and Contemporary Music Influence Schools). This affiliation allows students to obtain the title AMMA (Contemporary Music Artist) and the IOMA certification (Interpretation of a work of contemporary music), both recognized by the state and listed in the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications).


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