Alexandre Astier



In addition to training as a musician at the Conservatory and then at the American School of Modern Music, Alexandre Astier writes and plays for the theater. He is particularly noted in “Le Jour du froment”, in Lyon.

After having been a composer, co-writer and actor in various short films, he directed his first film, Dies Irae, which won the 2003 Audience Award at the Off-Courts Festival. It was thanks to this film that Kaamelott was born, a television series that made him known to the general public. Alexandre Astier is the screenwriter, the director, the editor, the composer, the dialogue writer and the principal interpreter.

To develop Kaamelott’s franchise, in a broader but still controlled way, he wrote comics with Steven Dupré as a designer, published the full texts of the Books seen on television and prepared the sequel to the cinema with a trilogy, as well as a short story series called Kaamelott: Resistance.

In addition to his projects “Kaamelott”, he multiplies the secondary roles in cinema, collaborations in books ranging from Hinduism to the world of comics, and directs his first feature film with Isabelle Adjani “David and Madame Hansen “, which comes out at the end of August 2012. He also creates his first one-man show around the figure of JS Bach and co-directs a 3D cartoon on the universe of Asterix.

In 2014, he created a second one-man show, the Exoconference, a show around astronomy and extra-terrestrial life. This play will be performed until 2016.

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