There are different courses and different programs within the school which are aimed at different profiles and audiences. We invite you to consult the "programs" section of the site for more information.

The professional program is designed to give students the educational material and working methods necessary to reach a professional level.

In addition to the hours of attendance at school, students will have work to do each week in all classes (instrument practice, composition, arrangement, ear develoment, etc.

The American School of Modern Music is known to be a place of encounter and opportunities for "networking".

In addition to the events organized by the school (Jam-Sessions every week, concerts, Master-Classes),  students will also have the opportunity to attend the concerts of their teachers, classmates and to set up their own projects with other students.

We do not organize tours of the school per se. There are, however, many times when you can approach the students as well as the teaching team: Jam every Monday at 8:30 p.m. at the "Frog and Underground", student concerts, Master-Classes, etc.

It is also possible to make an appointment all year round with a member of the teaching team on Saturdays between 11 am and 2 pm.

We invite you to follow our events on our facebook page:

The professional course is designed as a complete training.

The school's vocation has always been to send some of its students to the United States and to major international universities to represent the school for 40 years.

We prepare students who wish to pass the auditions for these universities. Third-year students have the required level to be accepted, the challenge is to prepare them for obtaining scholarships.

There are several international schools that can provide our students with additional training, experience abroad and an international network.

The American School is not affiliated with a particular school, we direct our students to schools that best suit their projects and their needs among which we can count Manhattan School, New School of New York, Juilliard, Berklee College of Music, Princeton University, HEMU in Lausanne or the CNSM in Paris for the latest scholarships obtained by our students.

The school has always had a large number of foreign students. After having validated the audition process, the school issues foreign students with a registration certificate which allows them to apply for a visa at the French embassy in their country of origin.

As deadlines may vary from one country to another, we advise foreign students to take the auditions before June through "online" auditions.

European students do not need a visa to study at school.

We are not asking for a French level test.

Classes are taught in French. Everyone is fluent in English and can help but basic french is highly recommended to start the year properly.

The American School offers part-time studies, “à la carte” courses allowing you to take advantage of our programs in evening or weekend classes. Instrument, theory, collective practices, internships, these courses are open to all and at all levels.

Most of our courses are reserved for adults, except exemption obtained on individual interview around the student's personal project. From the start of the 2021 school year, the school will have a section dedicated to children and adolescents on Saturdays during the day.