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Anne Paceo



Charlie Haden said about Anne Paceo: “She impressed me immensely with her talent, musicality, proficiency and her dedication to her art form. Her distinct style and sound make her unique.”

Born in 1984, Anne Paceo is a globetrotting, trail-blazing drummer who as far as she can remember has always felt the fundamental, relentless and insatiable urge to play, create and share her music. Driven by her passion she has performed in over 43 countries, on 5 continents, with some of the greatest musicians, and has won 3 times Victoire de la Musique (French Grammy Awards) and recorded as lead 6 critically acclaimed albums-the first at 24 years old-on Laborie Jazz records.

Anne was born into a family of artists. She spent her childhood in Daloa, Ivory Coast, hearing the beat of great drum masters practicing next to her family’s home.

A much sought after accompanist, she has performed since she was 19 not only with a many great French and international jazz icons (Archie Shepp, Charlie Haden, Michel Legrand, Christian Escoudé, Rhoda Scott, Michel Legrand, Yaron Herman, Rick Margitza, Henri Texier, Andy Sheppard, Alain Jean-Marie, European Jazz Orchestra, …) but also with bands from the independent French Rock scene (Jeanne Added, Mélissa Laveaux, China Moses…) as well as from the World Music scene ( Lena Chamamyan, Myanmar meets Europe,…).

At 21 she entered the Conservatoire National Supérieur in Paris where she met her mentor, drummer Dré Pallemaerts. During her four year studies Dré hardly ever mentioned her instrument. He taught her concentration, how to address sound, to become one with the music, how to strike the right note, using the right gesture, how to embody each note and give voice to her instrument. Her approach to drumming and composition is highly influenced by this encounter.

“When I compose a new piece the first thing that comes to me is always the melody. I sing a lot when I write a piece. My music is often inspired by experiences, people I meet, intimate thoughts, and remarkable places. I tell a story, my story, without always using words. Music, to me, should awaken the senses rather than speak to the mind.”

Anne Paceo is sponsored by three major brands, Yamaha for drums, Bosphorus for cymbals and Vater for the sticks. The BNP Paribas fundation and SACEM also supports her musical project developments.

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