Round Alexey

Alexey Asantcheeff


Pianist, arranger, composer and lyricist, this Franco-British of Russian origin draws his inspiration as much from the classical music of his childhood as from the jazz that saw him grow up. With his ears and heart wide open to all the current music that surrounds him, he multiplies his collaborations with the young creators of the moment: the Parisian revelation Lou Tavano, the Brazilian Diogo Strausz (Voyou), the Reunionese Bastien Picot (Aurus), Marquesan director Ory Meuel, …

Grandson of Scottish composer and conductor Jack Lockhart, Alexey Asantcheeff began studying classical piano at the age of 6, under the aegis of Italian pianist Carla Segalini. He completed his jazz training at the American School of Modern Music in Paris before following the teaching of Pierre Bertrand (Paris Jazz Big Band, Nice Jazz Orchestra, etc.) with who he explores orchestration for Big Band.

His arrangements notably caught the attention of Stan Laferrière (Grand Orchester de Jazz de l’Armée de l’Air). At the same time, he followed the classical orchestration lessons of David Lampel, and explored the modal harmonic language with the Hungarian professor Emil Spanyi.

He notably co-signs, in collaboration with Lou Tavano, all the compositions of the disc For you released in March 2016 on the German label ACT, and receives recognition from the French and European press for the first album of the young singer.

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