Audition :

The audition assesses your entry level into the Professional Program of the American School of Modern Music, in order to place you into the most suitable level.


What happens during the audition:


  • Written test (about 15 minutes) on intervals, scales, chords and general knowledge of music. This test does not rule admission the school, it is used to place students into classes appropriate to their level in Harmony & Ear Training.
  • Instrumental Audition, students must present one mandatory piece (see the list for instrumentalists, see list for vocalists / singers) and one other piece of their choice. Candidates are allowed to play with accompanists, play with a "backing track", or play solo. Students can be accompanied by teachers from the school if they so request in advance, and if they provide clear and readable sheet music (for the free choice piece). The audition also includes instrumental sight-reading and an ear-training test.
  • Interview with the school's teachers regarding expectations of the student, personal projects, motivation etc ...


Registration Form:




Main Instrument:

Date choice

Saturday March 9Saturday April 27Saturday May 4online application (available for foreign students only)