Evening and Saturday Courses  are open to musicians of all levels who want to learn or improve their musical knowledge with flexible hours (currently evenings from 20-22h and Saturdays).



Part-Time Study

Private lessons: guitar, piano, bass, drums, saxophones, voice, violin etc... taught by teachers from the school.
How to play in a group, improvisation and repertory. Preparation for two concerts.
The Guitar-Sessions course is a mix between a collective guitar lesson and an ensemble class. The students have the opportunity to play with a rhythm section in class and during the concerts organized by the school.
The basics of harmony and musical notation. Together with analysis and harmonization, these are the first skills to be acquired for composing and arranging. Class from the professional program.
Introduction to ear-training, rhythmic and melodic solfeggio, and to transcribing music. Development of the inner musical ear. Class from the professional program.