Preparatory Year


The Preparatory Year is intended for students who do not yet have the necessary level to enter the first year of the Professional Program.

This year of study goes through all the fundamentals of musicianship to ensure a solid base upon entrance into the First Year of the Professional Program :

Harmony, Solfeggio, Ear-Training, Arrangement, Composition, Improvisation, Ensemble Playing, Music Tech, Instrumental Study, ...

 The Prep Year also includes a Music History Class, which provides an essential knowledge base for any professional musician.


Introduction to harmonic basics, the main techniques of writing, analysis and harmonization skills that will be used for composition and arrangement in particular.
Private lesson on the student’s main instrument.
How to play in a group, improvisation and repertory. Preparation for school concerts and jam-sessions.
Initiation to Producing, Mixing, Sound-design and an introduction to the main Software Applications.
Introduction to melodic and rhythmic solfeggio, ear training, and sight-reading techniques.
Study of the major musicians, styles and musical trends that influenced and shaped the music of the XXI century.
Right from the start of the Preparatory Year, students are brought forward to appear on stage at various public venues in Paris. There are several student concerts scheduled throughout the school year.
Although non-mandatory, students are encouraged to participate regularly in the numerous jam sessions organised by the school. This provides an opportunity for the teachers to follow and supervise the student’s progress.
During the school year, non-mandatory master classes are organized with world renowned musicians. Although most master classes are free of charge for students at the school, it may occur that on certain occasions there may be an admission fee.